We have received multiple donations and we have already donated 4,000 face masks to low-income people to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) : btc

When the total report of those infected with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) amounts to 70 people, in an effort to control the spread of the virus, the Venezuelan government maintains the country in a mandatory quarantine of public transport. as well as the different producing companies have been paralyzed. It is still observed quantities of people walking in the streets in search of food or simply because they refuse to abide by the mandatory quarantine in a lack of awareness.





Thanks to the initiative of a sewing and clothing manufacturing workshop, they have been given the task of paralyzing their work to start making masks and donated and given away to people who are poor and do not have the money to buy a mask in Pharmacies or supermarkets. Maybe in other countries a mouthpiece should be very low to insignificant, but in my country sellers take advantage of the situation and need of people and a face mask costs around $ 20, money that most do not have of people in my country. Until today, approximately 4,000 masks have been distributed, they have been donated to low-income people, children, the elderly, as well as to the medical and security forces of neighboring communities.





All this has been thanks to the beautiful intention of the owners of this textile factory as well as the workers who are collaborators in this task. The multiple donations of fabric, the raising of money by the community and the donations of Bitcoin Cash have allowed us to continue with this project that prevents the spread and spread of this pandemic that is affecting my country.

It has been possible to buy a considerable quantity of fabrics for approximately 2,500 more masks that are waiting to be distributed to hospitals and security forces, who are the ones who are day by day looking after our…

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