Ways on how blockchain is improving the healthcare industry – Times Square Chronicles

Blockchain technology is used in the IT sector and the demand for this technology is growing at a rapid pace. With IT industry using this technology, even the healthcare sector is making use of this solve care technology. With enormous amount of data in the healthcare industry, there is a lot of pressure on the healthcare providers to keep cost under control and offer quality care to the patients. However, by using the blockchain technology, there are many pressures that are put on the healthcare industry would be reduced to a greater extent. This offers win-win for both the healthcare providers and patients to securely and safely share the data, process claims and boost the medical research.

The best part of this blockchain technology is that it allows the patient to safely and privately access their medical records. In addition, it allows the doctors to take a quick look at the medical history of the patients including the medicines that were ingested by them earlier and the information about the visit to the doctor, their health issues and surgeries that were underwent by them.

Here are a few ways on how blockchain is improving the solve care healthcare industry

Medical records: The blockchain technology that is implemented in the healthcare industry would abide to the HIPAA policies. By using this technology, the physicians and hospitals would not prone to the security vulnerabilities so easily. The healthcare providers would be able to share the patient past and present medical records in a safe and secure way than earlier.

Patient access: With different blockchain, patients can access and control the ownership of their medical records. The records are traceable on the blockchain, reducing the risk of deleted information, missing vaccinations and false medication claims.

Smart contracts: Currently, smart contracts are the strongest case for introducing blockchain into healthcare. Blockchain reduces inefficiencies, allows for swift…

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