Waves Platform Greenlights Smart Contract System, New Features

Waves Platform Greenlights Smart Contract System, New Features

This week, the Waves Platform announced they’ve begun the activation process for launching smart contract support. The evolution will see Waves supporting a number of other useful features, like atomic swaps and multi-signature wallets.

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Riding the Waves

Waves is an Ethereum competitor of sorts that aims to offer low fees and high transactions speeds on its blockchain. Since first appearing on trading charts in June 2016, its price has generally held stable for most of the past two years, though the coin saw an all-time high during the December bull run to over $17 USD each. The asset started out in the $1 range and is currently sitting at just over $2 amid 2018’s bearish cryptoeconomy.

Waves has seen some traction as a platform for launching tokens, one of Ethereum’s heavyweight use cases. It does not require gas in the same way that Ethereum does, however. Instead, it uses a flat fee structure that is easier to predict.

Intentionally Incomplete?

While Ethereum boasts Turing complete smart contracts, Waves is going in a different direction. Specifically, the new system is intentionally launching non-Turing complete smart contracts.

According to the official announcement, the Waves system will “allow the execution of code on the blockchain, but with deliberate limitations on functionality to avoid unwanted usage scenarios and to…

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