Waves Enterprise Platform Web.3.0 application Version 1.2 on Blockchain with anchoring Functionality

Waves platform retweeted about how the insufficient decentralization of private enterprise networks due to limited numbers of nodes might lead to the vulnerability of data stored on them. Further expressed that Waves Enterprise will be able to resolve this issue by facilitating referential data storage by way of anchoring.

The decentralization concept is based on the idea that changes made in one or multiple nodes will be immediately detected, and therefore, the more the numbers of nodes, the better the level of decentralization and less vulnerable to attack.

The Anchoring functionality rules out even the theoretical possibility of gaining access to enterprise blockchain data based on a private blockchain.  Thus, anchoring from Waves Enterprises fosters the process of linking Waves-like networks like in the Waves Platform, Waves enterprises, and the other private networks based on them.

Waves Cryptocurrency Platform is the platform for Web 3.0 applications providing for custom decentralized solutions.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The current market instability is considered by many to be the chance to get cheap Waves, Bitcoin, and others.  These are probably focused on the ultimate passive income.”

Some investors feel that this is the time to resist the waves.  The staking reward for the current year has reached 19.32%.

Waves Bid To Improve On the Security, Speed, and Throughput

The Waves Platform early this month tweeted: “#Waves Platform has benefited from additions such as Dollar Neutrino $USDN, an algorithmically stable $USD-pegged asset that has a wealth of applications for #DeFi #dApps.”

Previously a tutorial for French-speaking developers was out.  And those who are comfortable with the French Developer classes will want to check in to WavesDevFr.

Version 1.2 of Waves Enterprise was recently facilitated.  The new improvements in this version are a licensing program and a new data crawler which assists anchoring…

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