Watch this Bitcoin scammer get called out directly over Skype

Dutch journalist and TV presenter, Jort Kelder, called out a Bitcoin BTC scammer over Skype following the illicit use his face.

Researchers located and revealed the names of a number of companies that have been using the faces of celebrities to promote heinous Bitcoin scams, Brandpunt+ reported earlier this year.

Brandpunt+ then launched a deeper undercover investigation which eventually led to Kelder confronting one of the person’s believed to have used Kelder’s face to scam people.

In an exclusive episode released on Brandpunt+’s YouTube channel yesterday, Kelder is seen contacting one of the alleged scammers. He tells the supposed miscreant: “If you take a closer look, I’m Jort Kelder and you used my head for this internet scam.” After a brief conversation, he hangs up and tells the supposed scammer: “By, bye, I’ll see you in jail.”

Kelder’s face and image, along with a host of other celebrities, including Big Brother creator John de Mol, have been used by scammers to lure victims into believe their Bitcoin scams are legitimate.

The scammers, which Brandpunt+ believes are located in Prague, Czech Republic, mock up fake news articles using celebrity imagery as endorsements.