Watch out for the Coinbase DeFi mafia ! : Bitcoin

The Coinbase DeFi mafia borrows the coins that you have stored at Coinbase:

The Coinbase DeFi mafia will regularly dump these coins all in one go, cause panic, and then gradually buy the coins back at a lower price.

Now, watch out for this price-suppression strategy.

One day or the other, the Coinbase DeFi mafia will not be able to buy back the coins, because the price went unexpectedly up instead of going down. At that point, the Coinbase DeFi app will simply file for bankruptcy.

Hence, the mafia always wins and you always lose.

So, get ready to get ripped off as if there were no tomorrow!


By the way, if you do not click the button to lend out your bitcoins at Coinbase to the DeFi mafia, then Coinbase will simply pretend that you did! Now it is your responsibility to prove that you have never pressed any of these conveniently integrated DeFi mafia buttons. Money … GonE!

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