WATCH: Mance Harmon on Why Hashgraph is a Better Alternative to Blockchain (Part I)

Key Highlights

  • Hashgraph is an alternative to blockchain
  • Hashgraph optimizes both security and performance

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Transcript of Part I

In conversation with Mance Harmon, Co-Founder and CEO of Hadera Hashgraph, and also a course director for cyber security at US Air Force Academy. He’s also a Program Director for the Missile Defense Agency. Twenty years of strategic thinking as a technology executive in this space — really seeing the evolution of technology as it applies today. And here we are in the Pioneer days would you say, of blockchain, but now Hashgraph, which is not blockchain. Explain.

Correct. So, Hashgraph is an alternative to blockchain. It solves the same category of problems that blockchain solves. But it does so in a far more efficient and secure way, so the performance of Hashgraph is fantastic. Better by orders-and-orders of magnitude than blockchain. And the security of Hashgraph actually achieves the theoretical limit of what can be achieved in the whole category of distributed consensus.

And that’s really the value of Hashgraph. The value of Hashgraph is that it both maximizes the level of security while maximizing performance, and that’s unique in the industry. Everything else in the industry, there’s been this trade-off between performance and security. Public DLTs, better security, worst performance. Permission DLTs, better performance, worse security. Hashgraph maximizes both.

And for those who are watching from the mainstream side, the global audience who’s groaning, right now because they’re thinking I just learned about blockchain now I have to learn about a completely different thing, Hashgraph. Isn’t that something that we see in social media language, but you’re talking about something that is really an evolution as part of this technology evolution that we’re seeing.

Yeah, well, the whole category was sort of created…

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