WATCH: In Conversation with Da Hongfei, Neo: China-Born Digital Asset Protocol

Chinese blockchain companies received a substantial windfall following President Xi Jinping’s bullish support for the development of the technology, and Shanghai-based Neo was one such enterprise. Forkast.News Editor-in-Chief Angie Lau sits down with Da Hongfei, Co-Founder of Neo to find out about the technology and how it will affect various industries in China.

Key Highlights

  • Under the hood, the architecture [of Neo 3.0] is different. That means it will be more stable. You will have better performance. So that’s the underlying technology. And then we have new functionalities. We will have a built-in Oracle function. That means a smart contract can directly access Internet content within  the smart contract itself. They can visit a website. It’s not doable within current blockchain devices.
  • Neo ID is meant to be used to do KYC, AML, to build a reputation system on top of that. So you can link your identity within the physical world to the blockchain world.
  • [Another] feature is NeoFS. I’m really excited by NeoFS. This is a distributed file system, so you can directly save big files like a video to a distributed file system that is linked with blockchain. You cannot do that within today’s existing blockchains.
  • To beat the competitors, to beat the giants, you cannot just do the same thing and be a little bit better. You have to do it in a complete way and be much, much better. So the way a distributed storage works is if you are an ordinary user, you can share the storage with a laptop, you can share the storage maybe with your phone and with 5G. It will be very fast, and the bandwidth cost is really low. So it would be more like a shared storage system, like Uber, like in a shared economy.

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