Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) Expands Its Institutional Grade Offers for Its Members


Brave New Coin joins KPMG, R3, OTC Exchange and Symbiont as a member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), bringing “Institutional Grade” data and analysis to the nonprofit trade association.

The move will make WSBA and Brave New Coin (BNC) work together to provide quarterly market updates and proprietary market data solutions for members. Both organizations see 2019 as a formative year for the industry, with more clarity around global regulation, the deployment of security tokens, the entry of large institutions and the beta behavior of many blockchain projects financed by the boom of the ICO of 2017 and 2018.

WSBA was founded in 2015 and aims to create value for its members, by promoting the full adoption of the blockchain and crypto assets in global financial markets, generating a synergy of commitment among market participants, regulators , policymakers to establish a guide on blockchain, smart contracts and DLT technology, so that financial markets can take advantage of the blockchain’s potential.

BNC will provide aggregate market data almost in real time and accessible index solutions through dedicated web sockets or REST APIs.

Ron Quaranta, President, and CEO of WSBA welcomed the BNC project community and noted that

»WSBA and BNC have respected each other for a long time and it is exciting to work together for the benefit of our mutual customers».

It is worth noting that WSBA is at the forefront of the education of blockchain technology so that its members can be in tune with the advances of the blockchain, in a year where the Enterprise Blockchain Solutions and the innovations of technology are in order day.

As the market grows and matures, the members of the WSBA have been learning how blockchain technology works, what are the cases of valid use of technology and what is not. According to its CEO,

“one thing that is certain, is that the institutional community is investing heavily in this market and is bringing with it the…

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