W Resources Mining and plant operations at La Parrilla and Régua continue with stringent procedures

W Resources Plc (ALON:WRES), the tungsten, tin and gold mining company with assets in Spain and Portugal, today announced an update on measures to protect the safety of its people and ongoing operations in Spain and Portugal in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mining and plant operations at La Parrilla and mining operations at Régua continue with stringent procedures implemented to safeguard personnel and ensure full compliance with the newly implemented State of Emergency in both Spain and Portugal to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Update on Spanish State of Emergency and Extremadura

On 14 March Spain’s Prime Minister declared a national State of Emergency. The key measures imposed by the Spanish Government are:

–    Circulation of persons and vehicles is restricted only to certain uses linked to health, food, banking, refuelling, work, or any force majeure.

–    The Spanish Government can direct companies to produce goods and require employees to attend work, if justified to protect the health of the public.

–    All recreational and sport centres are closed (including bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums).

–    Public transport services will be reduced by 50%.

–    The availability of transport for goods will be guaranteed.

–    Import of goods will continue.

–    Energy and gas supplies will be guaranteed.

These measures are being put in place for a period of 15 days; however this period can be extended with the approval of the Spanish Parliament.

The Extremadura Region, where W Resources operates, is one of the less affected areas in Spain. At present, there are some 100 reported cases of infection in the region. With no areas showing a heavy concentration of cases save for a small village which is subject to quarantine at present. The region’s low population density and the large distances between big cities has helped to reduce the speed of…

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