Vulcan Forged Launches NFTs Designed by the Godfather of Fantasy Art – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Vulcan Forged has secured IP rights to several artists’ work to bring fantasy-themed NFTs to the VulcanVerse.

Cardiff, United Kingdom – Blockchain gaming platform Vulcan Forged has secured the intellectual property (IP) rights for works included in the Frank Frazetta Art collection. The team plans to use these rights to create and distribute fantasy-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), brandishing the famous works, in Vulcan’s in-game world the VulcanVerse.

Fantasy Art Meets Virtual Reality

Amongst the famous artworks, Frank Frazetta’s “Egyptian Queen” – a painting that recently sold for $5.4 million – will be tokenized for the first time as an NFT-themed ‘Vulcanite’ – a champion in the in-game world. Some of the original licensed artworks have already sold for millions of dollars globally. Most notably, the Vulcan team has secured the rights to designs by the so-called “Godfather of Fantasy Art”, Frank Frazetta. Frazetta is a world-renowned fantasy and science fiction artist most famous for his Conan The Barbarian illustrations. He has gone on to become an icon and inspiration for the current generation of fantasy artists.

How will Vulcan Forged use the IPs?

The Vulcan team has confirmed that many of the NFTs set to be launched in the VulcanVerse will be minted for the first time on the platform’s native blockchain as Vulcanites. Besides the digital ownership of the actual artwork, Vulcan Forged users will be able to use the tokens as champions inside VulcanVerse, the flagship MMORPG, and other games in the ecosystem.

The current IP licenses will also allow VulcanVerse to use the characters in the five upcoming gamebooks, contributing substantially to the profound lore that permeates the whole ecosystem.

Vulcan Forged Forges the Future

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