VMware And Other Leading Enterprises Partner With Blockchain Company To Implement Data Privacy

VMware, Ant Financial and RGAX (subsidiary of RGA – Reinsurance Group of America) have announced today a partnership with QEDIT, an Israeli blockchain security company, to implement data privacy solutions across their blockchain networks.

Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs, QEDIT has created an enterprise solution focused on helping banks achieve confidentiality when transferring assets on decentralized networks. This solution also helps companies set up supply chain management systems within their whole ecosystem, while keeping information private. QEDIT is currently expanding the reach of its products by working with leading enterprises within cloud computing, fintech, and insurance.

VMware’s work with QEDIT represents an exciting moment for VMware Blockchain, our enterprise blockchain platform. QEDIT’s privacy solution augments VMware Blockchain’s consensus engine, by providing advanced technologies required to enable trusted information-sharing across organizational boundaries, while aiming to uphold the highest privacy and security standards for our customer base,” said David Tennenhouse, VMware’s chief research officer.

According to Jonathan Rouach, QEDIT’s CEO and Co-founder, QEDIT and VMware are specifically working on integrating QEDIT’s solution into VMware’s blockchain offering to provide an advanced privacy solution for the platform users.

“Today marks a major step in fulfilling our vision to enable secure collaboration between companies using sensitive data. Working with VMware, Ant Financial and RGAX will help us showcase the value that Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography can offer on an enterprise level, across different industry verticals,” said Rouach.

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