Vitalik Buterin Trolls Craig Wright over Patent Trolling

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has taken a veiled swipe at Satoshi claimant Craig Wright over his blockchain patent portfolio, resulting in a heated debate on Twitter.

Buterin said that anyone who brags over blockchain patents does not understand blockchain:


Wright (nChain’s chief scientist) claims nChain has filed more than 800 applications for blockchain patents, and has been granted between 50 to 100. This patent portfolio poses a legal threat to blockchain projects from Bitcoin Cash to Lightning, and critics argue it goes against the open-source nature of blockchain and is a form of patent trolling.

I know you are but what am I?

Coingeek founder and Wright’s mentor Calvin Ayre returned fire by saying that Buterin doesn’t understand blockchain and claiming Ethereum was a platform that had cultivated ICO scams.


The conversation devolved from there with Buterin saying “BSV does not scale” and Ayre firing back that “this [conversation] is stupid” and various BSV and Ethereum proponents weighing in.

The CEO of Dragonchain Joe Roets was inspired to publish a blog post in support of both blockchain’s open source philosophy and the patent system. Dragonchain DApp Eternal also immortalized Buterin’s comments on the Dragonchain blockchain, where it can never be deleted or censored. 

Why is nChain so eager to patent?

President of the Bitcoin Association Jimmy Nguyen — a former nChain CEO —  said in March the actual number of patents filed had only just reached 666. He summed up…

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