Vitalik Buterin: “Microsoft has embraced the open community of blockchain developers” on Ethereum

On May 7th, Microsoft announced the Azure Blockchain Service, a tool that helps developers and companies create, deploy, and manage blockchain networks. This service, which is currently in public preview, is a continuation of Microsoft’s goal to provide platform-as-a-service tools for blockchain technology.

At the Build, Microsoft’s marquee developer conference that occurred in Seattle on May 7th, 2019, CEO Satya Nadella and the Azure Blockchain team doubled down on this vision to simplify adoption of blockchain technology.

During the opening keynote, Nadella shared the story of Starbucks’ work to use blockchains to track coffee from their numerous farm partners to the final product that is served at the coffee shop. Blockchain’s value to Starbucks was an immutable record that offered insight into the supply chain for their partners and customers.

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Starbucks wasn’t alone at the conference either. Chinese electronics firm Xiaomi—China’s largest smartphone company—highlighted how they were using Microsoft’s blockchain offerings to track their products throughout their supply chain.

According to Mark Russinovich, CTO at Azure, Microsoft’s customers such as Starbucks and Xiaomi led to the development of the Azure Blockchain Service as “many of [Microsoft’s] enterprise customers were overwhelmed.”

Vitalik Buterin appears on stage

This explanation came in a session where Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, joined him on stage to highlight Microsoft’s work with the blockchain platform.

To solve their customers’ problems and support these applications on top of Microsoft’s Azure public cloud offering, Microsoft partnered with JP Morgan Chase and their Quorum ledger technology. Quorum is a custom, “enterprise-focused version” of Ethereum which places a focus on permission and governance capabilities as well as throughput improvements.

Quorum offers…

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