VisionBanker aims to Reinvent Global Eyecare through Blockchain, Mobile Apps and Facial Recognition Technologies

VisionBanker aims to tap on the growing eyecare market, which is expected to be worth USD 182 billion by 2023 [1], by using technologies such as blockchain, mobile apps and facial recognition to help global consumers get better access to better-fitting eyecare, while incentivising them through a token system (VBK tokens) to do regular eye check-ups. At the same time, optometric professionals are also incentivised through tokens to provide answers to questions posed by the app’s users — thus creating a decentralised, distributed and public ledger that allows consumers to solve their eyecare needs easily. All these data will be stored on blockchain, and can be used to help governments and organisations with an interest in eye health research and make decisions through actual and anonymised data.

Dato Seri David Sew, Chief Executive Officer of VisionBanker, said, “Myopia is a serious problem globally, with about 50 per cent of the developed world needing glasses [2]. This is especially so in Asia, and specifically in our backyard Southeast Asia. We’ve seen studies and heard of how poor eyecare can lead to poorer education and even lead to safety issues. With the eyecare fitting process fundamentally unchanged for centuries, we wanted to use new technologies to help consumers around the world have a more convenient and easier time when improving their vision.”

VisionBanker was founded in Q4 2018 by the team behind SpecTruck, led by Dato Seri David Sew. Since 2017, SpecTruck is the first One-Stop Mobile Optical concept stall in Malaysia, serving both local communities in both urban and rural areas to provide badly-needed eyecare to the community. By end 2019, SpecTruck will have served over 100,000 people in Malaysia — including schoolchildren, working adults and the elderly – through partnerships with state education agencies and corporate and government organisations in Malaysia. All…

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