Virus hits real estate market: Jobs fell 60 percent

Corona virus temporarily took the decision to close the business rather than on the many attractions in Turkey. The streets that remained empty in Samsun, as citizens followed the calls to “stay at home”, also affected real estate agents.

Stating that the citizen is in anxiety at the moment, but believes that this will be overcome as soon as possible, SATEM President Mevlüt Oral said, “The real estate market has fallen 60 percent. There is an uneasiness with or without a possibility. Normally, you cannot sell or sell your house, even if you are trying to rent a house, you cannot rent it. Because the citizen is sitting where he is, not going out of the house. There is nothing that can be done. Let’s review the transactions in the land registry office has dropped 60 percent. This shows that the citizen is currently on hold but I believe that this anxiety will be overcome as soon as possible. ”

Describing the measures taken for the epidemic of corona virus in the real estate market, Mevlüt Oral explained that it is possible to apply for transactions on the internet without going to the land registry and cadastre directorates, and to the directorates for wet signed documents only.

Mevlüt Oral stated that this application is an application they have been waiting for and expected for a long time and they are very pleased with the application. When the citizen applies online, all transactions are made in the land registry office and you are called to the land registry office for a wet signature only. After that, every colleague of mine will be able to receive the title deed transfer, regardless of the time, where he lives without going to the land registry. When this regulation becomes law, our profession will become a truly institutional one. After that, we will not use the title deed office much, we will only take the seller and seller to the title deed to sign, and we will sell it where we sit outside. ”
Mayor Oral, who warns citizens aged 65 and over due to virus measures, said, “There will be no transactions in the land registry office over 65. If they know this, even if you take a proxy, it will not give a sales attorney at the notary public ”.

Oral also explains that real estate agents have applied to real estate sites that are used extensively in order not to be victims in this process and that they have received positive returns. “I can give the following good news to my colleagues who use some real estate sites as rooms. I reached to 4 heavily used sites by e-mail. A positive answer came to us from 2 sites. I asked them to postpone dues for 3 months. These sites agreed to a two-month delay. I expect this sensitivity from the other 2 companies. If it is not accepted, I advise them not to work with these sites in the future. Because I think I do not need you on a good day if it is not next to me in difficult days. ”


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