Virtual Blockchain Week starts today – here’s what to expect

As the world of physical events shut down thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many moved online to make the best of a bad situation.

And that is most definitely true of the most ambitious online conference we’ve seen to date. Not content with a one-day Zoom-based extravaganza, the creators of Virtual Blockchain Week have put together seven days of talks, online side-events, and the 3rd Annual Crypto Influencer Awards.

Virtual Blockchain Week will be hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright of The Bad Crypto Podcast, and the live stream content is available to attendee free of charge. The event begins today — April 26, 2020 — and runs until May 2, 2020, opening with the VIP Ticket Holder Pre-Party.

“While the threat of Coronavirus has led to the cancellation or postponement of our favorite blockchain events, we are fortunate to have an incredible community and the technology to create similar experiences on a global scale,” said Joel Comm, Co-founder of Virtual Blockchain Week. “We are dedicated to delivering a conference experience that delivers fantastic content in an interactive setting which sets a new high bar for all future virtual conferences.”

Thirty of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and commentators will be speaking during Virtual Blockchain Week, including

  • Tim Draper: Venture Capitalist
  • John McAfee: Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Presidential Candidate
  • Changpeng Zhao: Co-Founder & CEO of Binance
  • Roger Ver: Founder of
  • Brittany Kaiser: Own Your Data Foundation
  • Anthony Pompliano: Host of Off the Chain Podcast
  • Charlie Shrem: Crypto OG, Entrepreneur
  • G. Edward Griffin: Legendary author of “Creature from Jekyll Island”
  • Caitlyn Long: Founder & CEO of Avanti Financial Group
  • Samson Williams: FinTech Anthropologist
  • Jennifer Greyson: Founder of the Blockchain Sisterhood
  • Maureen Murat: Attorney, CoFounder of Axes & Eggs
  • Cherie Aimee: Near-Death Survivor & Tech Leader
  • Chris J. Snook: Chairman of the World Tokenomic Forum
  • Peter…

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