Video: Bruce Fenton on the Bitcoin Foundation, Satoshi Roundtable and Scaling

Bruce Fenton is definitely a distinct personality in the Bitcoin space. After working as a stock market broker for about two decades, he chose to walk away from his Wall Street career and take a leap of faith with Bitcoin.

“It’s been a wild ride, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In my opinion, Bitcoin is the most powerful and important open-source project out there,” said Fenton, an enthusiastic superhero fan.

As he spoke, he sat next to a large Batman action figure that points to the duality of his own work. Much like Bruce Wayne, Fenton lives a double life. He works as the director of his own companies, Atlantic Financial and Chainstone Labs, during the day. However, it’s at night that he puts on his mask to defend sound money, freedom of transactions and privacy.

This ardent advocacy may stem from Fenton’s origins with the original cryptocurrency. When he first entered the Bitcoin space, the same kind of financial incentives that exist today were not apparent.

“I worked with some of the wealthiest organizations in the world, and when I got into Bitcoin I went from a very high income to basically no income,” he explained. “And it wasn’t like now, with lots of startups. Coinbase and BitPay were some of the early ones which appeared several months after I started.”

According to Fenton, it was the intellectual brilliance of the early Bitcoin community that first drew him into the space. To him, the journey has been truly exciting…

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