Viabtc Founder Reveals BCH Fork Idea Called Bitcoin Cat

During the last few days, discussions concerning the Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) has become a polarizing debate. In the midst of all the quarreling, Viabtc’s founder Haipo Yang has announced a new fork of BCH called Bitcoin Cat. recently reported on the arguments concerning the Bitcoin Cash DAA. Following the report, the very next day Bitcoin ABC published a blog post that detailed it would be using Jonathan Toomim’s Asert DAA.

However, at the end of the announcement, the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Séchet, detailed that the Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP) would be added to the next upgrade. This decision made the debate become contentious once again, and now BCH proponents are squabbling over the IFP. The IFP will take 8% of the coinbase reward and dedicate it to developers.

In the midst of all the infighting, even before ABC’s most recent announcement, Viabtc’s founder Haipo Yang has been toying with the idea of a new BCH fork. The Viabtc executive has been tweeting about the subject often and he also published a blog post about the experiment as well. On August 5, Haipo Yang tweeted:

I am considering building a new Bitcoin fork inherited from BCH called Bitcoin Cat. It’s a temporary name. Cats are cute and harmless, so they won’t have a war.

In addition, he tweeted that the BCH community “needs real leaders.” “Everyone who has favored Bitcoin Cash is welcome to participate and build CAT. Let’s make Bitcoin great again.” Then on August 6, Haipo Yang tweeted something a touch more controversial than just an idea about a new Bitcoin fork.

“If Bitcoin Cash removes the UTXOs that never move since the fork, we can double the block reward and fund the foundation without the IFP and without breaking the 21M limit,” Haipo Yang said. Then on Friday, the Viabtc founder revealed that after he put the idea out there it caused “a lot of discussion in the Chinese community.” Haipo Yang

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