VHCEx Unveils New Copy Trader Features to Close the Crypto Profit Gap

This programme is a new feature on VHCEx digital asset exchange platform. Aptly called VHCEx Mirror Trades, this copy trading feature allows users to follow professional traders’ cryptocurrency trading activities, such as buying and selling bitcoin or other digital assets listed in the exchange, analyzing new cryptocurrency trend, and predicting the price of the digital assets.

“Trading crypto for profit is not easy, particularly for a new player. Through VHCEx Mirror Trades, users can copy the professional traders they like and earn a profit to the crypto holdings, anytime they make a trade. The VHCEx platform is a simplified trading experience of the cryptocurrency market place and VHCEx Mirror is a strategic innovative add-on feature to assist particularly the new investors or users to emulate the trader’s smart investment moves as well as learning the investing approach from the experience traders,” said Jenn Lim, CEO of VHCEx.

The copy trading uses a process known as crowdsourcing. The investors can choose from a group of lead traders to follow, based on the traders’ investment moves and profile which is available on the platform. “We operate a transparent financial process, in which we allow users to take a peek at the leaders’ profiles, portfolios, and strategies. Users can just simply hit copy button after they make their decision and automatically follow their chosen trader’s every move,” added Jenn Lim

For the traders, VHCEx has set out certain requirements for them before they can join this programme. They must be professional investors with a positive investment growth record from a reliable trading platform for at least two months. Currently, the platform has a few lead traders to cater different needs of its investors and is looking to recruit more.

The lead traders are rewarded for sharing their skill and knowledge with the platform’s users. They would immediately earn an 8%…

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