Verizon Boosts Security With Blockchain, Adds MDR

Verizon Business added security services including managed detection and response as well as two new identity and access management services that use blockchain, which are firsts for Verizon security products.

The two blockchain-based services are Verizon Identity (VID) and Verizon Machine State Integrity. With VID, identity data is encrypted and replicated across multiple online servers on the blockchain. This means there’s no centralized database for an attacker to target or single point of failure. The blockchain acts as an index of identifiers and an audit trail for the exchange of verifiable claims.

Verizon says VID also helps eliminate the need for user IDs and passwords, so in addition to improving security this service also makes security easier for users. The service provider’s latest Data Breach Investigation Report found that 29% of breaches investigated involved stolen credentials, and this new service directly addresses that threat.

Verizon Machine State Integrity, meanwhile, targets network edge security. It’s a managed service that continuously monitors edge machines — servers, routers, switches, gateways, and IoT endpoints — and creates an immutable, verifiable chain of events based on machine state rather than logs. It collects and secures events at the source using hash technology, which results in a small footprint. Trust ledgers are hosted on Verizon’s infrastructure.

This service can also integrate with and monitor cloud service provider environments. Blockchain-enabled devices have a trust anchor that can be used to judge any future changes. Unauthorized events go to an organization’s security operations center or to the cloud orchestrator.

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