Verasity’s Proof of View is Granted a US Patent

It’s no longer news that there has been a significant increase in the number of eSports viewers. In 2019, there were about 245 million casual viewers and 198 million enthusiasts – an audience total of 443 million. Newzoo forecasts that by 2023 the annual growth rates of viewers will be approximately 10.4%. Newzoo also released a new highlight on European eSports audiences growth — for both enthusiasts and occasional viewers:

These whopping numbers are for eSports viewers alone; you can imagine the volume of viewers for other content  — news articles, videos, etc. Considering the fact that we are in the social age of the internet, there’s never been more content available and produced. Whether it’s news updates or video, content is increasing exponentially every day globally.

But what many people haven’t realised is that they’re presented with search results that are manipulated behind the scenes. Companies and people manipulate the system just to drive their own agenda: to make money or boost their visibility with fake views. Consequently, the combination of fake views on advertising-funded content is causing the true value of content to be misrepresented and the value lowered which is bad news for the content creators, advertisers and ultimately the viewers.

The biggest problem for advertisers and brands are fake views. Over 50% of the spend on online advertising is for views that are not seen by people. As you can imagine this is very expensive in a $250B industry where half the spend is fake. Companies have been trying to fight this for years with little success. Verasity developed Proof of View over the last 3 years and was granted a US patent. What this means is that all views will be available for advertisers and brands to see on the blockchain and will be able to differentiate between real views and fake views. For real views, advertisers pay as much as 10x versus for views where they buy them via a programmatic engine and have no idea…

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