VeChain (VET) Tracks COVID-19 Related Data Blockchain Doing its Part for Society

Vechain Foundation expressed that as the public blockchain platform chosen by, they fully support the efforts of @itemsdapp and @vechainstats in the fight against the #COVID_19 epidemic. The platform tracks COVID-19 related data and it runs hourly.  The Vechain Foundation will sponsor the full VTHO cost.  The blockchain is doing its part for the society.

The data facilitated will be from the direct crawls in the state government websites.  And they are the officially reported numbers.  The data is not based on news or human crowd-sourced data.

VeChain tweeted:  “With regards to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we have penned an open letter for our community and partners with sincerity. Despite the tough time, VeChain continues to build and deliver, and seizes the opportunity to enhance our core competitiveness.”

Very recently v1.22 was released.  Several improvements were made in the UI along with lot of bug fixes. Users will now be able to

VeChain Dev expressed that as a part of the VeChain 2.0 Consensus upgrade, the VeChain Core Dev Team will be implementing a VRF function library in Glolang and also stated that they have published it in GitHub, which follows the newest draft v6.

VeChain (VET) has endured Bulls and Bears

VeChain previously stated that they will be focusing on Business Consensus and Information Efficiency. VeChain has endured both bulls and bears in the market.  Vechain Continues to explore the options in the blockchain market to provide for improved use cases.  The requirement for high quality information and interoperability is never going to end.  The need to ensure authenticity is also not going to end.  Therefore, the immutable nature of the blockchain will always be needed to provide for authenticity.

Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain previously had expressed his belief that the blockchain technology is not an isolated solution; however, something with fundamental cornerstones facilitating Internet infrastructure in its…

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