Using the Stablecoin Model to Unite Fiat & Crypto

Public Mint has identified some of the core issues that needed to be addressed in the crypto ecosystem, and is making it easier for people to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat system.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem are some of the most rapidly growing industries in the tech sectors as companies, individuals, and other entities realize the benefits of decentralized, borderless, secure, and censorship-resistant systems and currencies.

The current cryptocurrency ecosystem is a far cry from the one started by Bitcoin back in 2008 when it was limited to crypto-anarchists and other underground digital tribes that saw them as a tool to indefy governments and enterprise while ignoring the true potential of the technology.

With the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies being worth over $1.5 trillion and new use cases emerging by the day, the time seems right for the masses to adopt cryptocurrency to facilitate their financial transactions and improve their platforms through blockchain technology.

Public Mint: A Solution

However, the ecosystem still has multiple challenges that need to be addressed before mass adoption is a real possibility under the current financial needs of people and institutions around the world, with high levels of volatility being one of the main concerns.

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies that allowed them to gain popularity among investors up to this point has also resulted in one of the main arguments of crypto skeptics who warn those unfamiliar with the technology about the risks of purchasing and holding cryptocurrency.

This also represents a liability for institutions looking to use crypto as a hedging tool or an accepted payment method.

These risks have also been the driving force behind the increasing popularity of stablecoins like Tether, USD Coin, and Binance USD, as they offer crypto investors a safe haven in times of high volatility while also allowing non-crypto savvy individuals to benefit from them as a…

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