Up to 85% Off on Yearnify’s Token Pre-sale

The last couple of years showed a great surge in the popularity of Decentralized Finance. And it is not surprising, since it gives people a lot of advantages, from the possibility to make transfers without a bank account to the absence of a centralized third party.

Up to 1.7 billion people don’t have access to financial services, the fees for bank transactions are insanely high, and your privacy is far from ideal. Not to mention how easy it is for centralized entities to cancel your transactions or even block your bank account – without any kind of explanation.

Therefore, DeFi is a way better solution for both companies and individuals. And if you don’t know what services to choose in order to join this movement, we have a suggestion – Yearnify Finance.

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What is Yearnify Finance?

Yearnify Finance is a new and innovative DeFi project brought to life by improving the features of Yearn Finance (YFY), with the aim of providing users with reliable yields on their assets.

The platform was built with the Ethereum protocol and it’s known especially because it increases the annual percentage yields (APY) of the cryptos deposited into the DeFi system. Plus, it provides users with a lot of options to choose from – staking, farming, borrowing, and mortgage.

Due to its high returns and security power, Yearnify conquered a lot of crypto enthusiasts. It is considered one of the strongest platforms from a scalability, interoperability, developability, and governance viewpoint.

How to join Yearnify Finance?

If you want to be part of the Yearnify community, be sure to get your YFY tokens on time, because they have a limited supply of just 29,000 YFY to distribute to the community, through Airdrops and Pre-sale events.

And guess what. The final round of Pre-sale is already live. You can easily buy them with ETH after you connect your Metamask – that can be created following the instructions here.

In case you ask yourself if it’s worth it,…

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