Unto Faith and Flame Toward Serenity

Future’s Now, Ethereum: Unto Faith and Flame Toward Serenity

Advancing toward its Serenity “ETH 2.0” upgrade, Ethereum and its ecosystem are evolving. And while building and soul searching proliferate in the project’s community, stakeholders are pulling what’s certain and what’s uncertain, and thus the future, into the fore. 

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v0.1 of Ethereum 2.0 Serenity Specification Released

On Jan. 31st, the Ethereum ecosystem welcomed the v0.1 release of the ETH 2.0 spec. It’s the latest advancement to put Ethereum closer to achieving its Serenity upgrade, which would actualize a scaling triumvirate of Casper, Plasma, and sharding.

“[This] marks the first release in a series of weekly releases through February 2019,” the spec’s introduction read.

“Phase 0 in v0.1 is relatively feature complete and approaching stable.”

That Phase 0, otherwise known as the Beacon Chain spec, is responsible for setting up the infrastructure that will power validators and validator attestations in Ethereum’s figuratively serene future. Phase 1, or the Shard Data Chains spec, will follow and be focused on shard chains, with more phases to come as well.

To better visualize the Beacon Chain’s structure and path toward Serenity, ETH 2.0 client builder Diederik Loerakker recently built a helpful visual schematic that can be found on GitHub. A lot of parts have been moved into place for Ethereum, and more will be moved yet.

The “Beacon Chain” schematic by Loerakker, a.k.a. protolambda on GitHub and Twitter. Image via Loerakker

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