Uniswap’s founder wants your advice on how to spend $500 million

Unsiwap creator Hayden Adams has taken to crypto-twitter to source feedback on how the DEX should allocate its $500 million governance treasury.

With Uniswap’s native UNI token currently trading at $9.30 after rallying to break its previous all-time high of $7.10 last week, the vested share of Uniswap’s warchest is now valued at more than half a billion dollars.

“What are some of the most impactful ways governance can allocate this UNI?” Adams asked the community.

Adams received a variety of suggestions, including a request for a second UNI airdrop to recent Uniswap users, a call for 90% of Uniswap’s governance tokens to be burned, and tongue-in-check proposals for the funds be invested in hiring the “shilling” services of various Twitter-users.

Cihan Oztunc, product manager at the New York Stock Exchange, recommended Uniswap launch a VC firm to invest the treasury into promising new crypto projects:

Meanwhile, Marquet exchange co-founder, Emiliano Bonassi, tweeted that Uniswap should invest in accelerating the development of Layer 2 scaling solutions.

DeFi commentator Samuel Shadrach asserted Uniswap should buy up a majority share of SushiSwap’s supply and try to force a merger between the two platforms.

In September, Uniswap suddenly unveiled its native UNI token, with 43% of the token’s one billion supply…

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