UK’s DWP targeting blockchain for better scalability

The United Kingdom’s Department of Work and Pensions has announced that they will be exploring the possibility to use distributed ledger technology to apply to its operations in the future.

According to the director of the DWP, Richard Laycock, 20 million people are active users of their services, therefore they need to absolutely ensure a fast transaction system in order to keep operations efficient.

However, having so many customers guarantees that a system will slow down, therefore forcing the DWP to use distributed ledger technology for better data storage and efficiency. It’s likely that the blockchain used will belong to the third generation such as ADA and IOTA.

The DWP could be the centerpiece of introducing the blockchain technology to UK government agencies as it could be the paragon of blockchain’s performance.

Currently, it seems the government is very skeptic about the blockchain as it only associates it with cryptocurrencies. However, the technology has many appliances and data storage and scalability are one of them if used properly.

All the crypto community needs is to wait until 2021 before the DWP is fully ready to implement the project.


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