U.S. Senate 2020 primary | Elections

Occupation: Pain management physician

Political party: Democrat

Address: 1706 Homewood Drive, Norfolk

Wik, a pain management doctor, describes himself as a fiscally conservative Democrat who believes the national debt needs to be brought under control.

What are your legislative priorities?

* DACA immigrants, no criminal record, two-year citizenship.

* Non-citizen adult immigrant, no criminal record, two-year citizenship monitored by labor unions.

* Foreign worker, no criminal record, two-year employer sponsored job administered by labor unions for common-sense border crossings.

* U.S.-Mexico border wall partial solution only.

Social Security 2035 bankruptcy:

* Cut foreign aid 50%, use taxpayer money to fund Social Security, not world welfare.

* Cut United Nations and World Health Organization funding 50% and fund Social Security.

What should Congress do to help combat and contain the coronavirus?

* Stay-at-home is great for rich people with a guaranteed paycheck, but working people and small business have been destroyed.

* As a conservative Democrat, bailout pork — $25 million for the Kennedy Center and $75 million for performing arts — is an insult to hard-working taxpayers. Common sense should prevail.

* Sweden kept business and schools open with social distancing recommendations.

* Loss of liberty is destroying the American economy.

* 98% of people with COVID-19 recover.

What Nebraska projects, if any, would you propose?

Farm bankruptcy solution:

* Increase ethanol to 50%. Increase corn demand. Save family farms.

* Ethanol byproduct more nutritious and cheaper livestock feed.

* 50% ethanol decreases foreign oil and increases American energy independence.

* 50% ethanol decreases dependence and import manipulation by China.

Do you believe in climate change; if so, what should Congress do to combat or contain it?

* 50% ethanol immediately decreases global warming and can be done in 120 days in Nebraska.

* Wind technology investment will result in self-sustaining profitability. Nebraska is one of the windiest states and usage could decrease Nebraska taxes as much as oil has for other states.

Would you support a major infrastructure modernization program? If so, what should it look like?

Infrastructure stops foreign invasion:

* Entire East Coast electric grids needs modernization, otherwise hacking shuts down half the country.

* Cybersecurity technology needs military investment to prevent foreign interference in military and economic chaos.

Do you believe President Trump has earned a second term? Why or why not?

* Trump has done a great job for the stock market and jobs.

* Neither Republicans or Democrats have solved immigration.

* Neither Republicans or Democrats have solved health care.

* Impeachment was a waste of taxpayer money. Excuse for both Democrats and Republicans to not get anything done.

* As a conservative Democrat, the best strategy is negotiation with Trump, the master negotiator.

Should the Senate filibuster rule be amended? Why or why not?

Filibuster is time-wasting blubber.

* Each bill should be one standalone law.

* All debate should center around one issue.

* Add-on pork amendments should be banned by law and are a waste of taxpayer money.

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