U.S. Based Bitcoin Mine To Be Build By Square and Blockstream

Bitcoin mining is on the move. Around the world, more companies and initiatives are being brought to life. Blockstream and Square have announced a partnership to build one in the U.S. based on renewable energy.

The Bitcoin infrastructure startup, led by Adam Back, and the financial services company, led by Jack Dorsey, will create an open-source Bitcoin mining facility driven by solar energy. The BTC mine will be constructed on a Blockstream mining site located in the United States.

Their objective is to share details on the project’s economics and their experience in the development of the facility. In addition, they plan to raise awareness and demonstrate BTC mining and renewable energy can be a catalyzer for a transition towards clean energy.

Square will invest $5 million and Blockstream will provide the infrastructure and expertise to help build the project. Ultimately, it will be a Proof-of-Concept used to demonstrate that green Bitcoin mining at scale it’s possible. Thus, the need for transparency in every detail. Chris Cook, CIO and head of Mining at Blockstream said:

Many mining operations throughout the world, including our own, already rely on renewable energy because it is the most cost-effective power available. Together with Square, we hope that the open and transparent nature of the project will become a model that other businesses can learn from.

Bitcoin, A Tool To Build A Sustainable Future

Once built, the BTC mining facility will allow other participants to expand the operations. It will be designed to be scalable and with the capacity to add more support for future growth.

Neil Jorgensen, Global ESG Lead at…

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