TrustSwap and Yield Launch a New FlashDrop Program to Incentivize Smaller Stakers – Sponsored Bitcoin News

TrustSwap — a DeFi project offering a wide range of different services — recently announced the launch of a new program that was created to provide an incentive for smaller stakers. The program, known as the FlashDrop program, will essentially reward up to 3,000 users that have staked a certain amount of SWAP tokens. In doing so, it will create opportunities for the loyal SWAP community, and it will hopefully attract new users interested in participating in the program.

What Do You Need to Know About FlashDrop?

The crypto industry is rich with various projects, and there are millions who may still be unaware of TrustSwap. This program will help put the project on their radar, and show them all the benefits and advantages of this emerging DeFi project.

When it comes to FlashDrop, there are a few important things to note.

1) Where is it being launched?

First of all, it will be conducted from YIELD App, which is another DeFi-based platform that actually launched on TrustSwap’s Launchpad in late 2020. The platform offers large returns (up to 20% APY) for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and two stablecoins — Tether and USD Coin.

The platform believes that everyone in the world deserves equal access to emerging opportunities in the world of investments, which was not the case for a long time. Initially, only wealthy individuals and financial institutions were able to invest in projects. With the invention of the internet, centralized investment platforms emerged and expanded the possibilities to include retail investors.

Now, with the era of decentralization taking over, projects like YIELD App aim to use it to push the ability to invest even more, and create a user-friendly system that everyone in the world will understand and be able to use, should they choose to.

As mentioned, the platform launched on TrustSwap’s launchpad, which TrustSwap created to help new tokens get on their feet, and provide its community with…

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