Trump’s Dumb Coronavirus Tweet Proves He Doesn’t Understand Basic Math

  • Donald Trump’s all-caps tweet about the U.S. economy questions his administration’s recommended coronavirus containment policies.
  • Anyone who can do basic math can tell that Covid-19 will overwhelm U.S. hospitals.
  • That is already playing out in New York, where things are as bad as Italy

As coronavirus ravaged the United States on Monday, Donald Trump issued one of his infamous, all-caps tantrum tweets. He questioned whether containment measures were “worse than the problem itself.”

Coronavirus is the “problem” Mr. Trump is referring to.

Coronavirus Is Already Out of Control

While it’s valid to consider the economic impact that the virus will have and prudent to find ways to minimize that, it’s downright irresponsible to encourage the nation at the center of the world’s coronavirus outbreak to question lockdown measures.

Donald Trump’s irresponsible tweet will cause Americans to question vital measures that will save lives. | Source: Twitter

That’s right, contrary to what many Americans seem to believe, the U.S. is at the center of the coronavirus pandemic.

New York is on par with Italy when it comes to the number of cases. Not in a few weeks, not in a few days— today. Italy had 886 cases per 1 million inhabitants as of Sunday; New York reported 778 per million.

New York Has Become the Next Italy

Many people, apparently including Donald Trump, wonder why states like Ohio and Louisiana are locking down. After all, they’re nowhere near New York.

But consider this. When Italy was reporting a mere 15,113 cases, or 249 cases per 1 million inhabitants, the U.S. banned travel from Europe. At that point, Italy had already locked down the entire country for two days.

New York only started instituting lockdown measures this weekend. Enforcing those measures has been a challenge, and social distancing advice has been widely disregarded. Travel in and out of New York is still largely unrestricted.

Trump sounds like Nicola Zingaretti, who tested…

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