Trump Concedes Thousands Are Infected

  • President Trump has cast doubt on the WHO’s 3.4% death rate for coronavirus.
  • Speaking on “Hannity”, Trump implied thousands more undiagnosed people could have coronavirus. Without these infections being counted as confirmed cases, the coronavirus death toll is artificially high.
  • Is Trump admitting thousands of Americans have coronavirus? This is an astonishing departure from the “airtight” control the White House previously claimed.

Donald Trump can’t figure out which lie to tell about the coronavirus. While on the one hand, the White House has claimed that the virus is well contained, he is now stating that the official fatality rate above 3% is so high because thousands of un-diagnosed people have the illness.

Which is it, Mr. President?

Trump Is Losing Control Of His Coronavirus Message

A health crisis on the scale of coronavirus presents a unique puzzle for the Trump administration. While in the past Trump could blame the Democrats, disloyal Republicans or anyone advising him for anything that goes wrong, he can’t do that this time

During the early days of the U.S. outbreak of COVID-19, Trump called the illness a Democrat hoax and got his “task force” to claim that he had the disease controlled in an almost “airtight” perimeter.

The following interview with Trump’s top economic official Larry Kudlow has aged incredibly poorly, as he also claimed no emergency rate cut from the Fed.

Unfortunately for President Trump, these lies, unlike many of his political theories and accusations, are incredibly easy for ordinary people to disprove.

White House’s COVID-19 Approach Backfires

Faced with this reality, Trump has now isolated the extremely high fatality rate of the coronavirus as the focus of his attacks. He likely views this as one of the principal causes of fear that is rippling through his most important presidential barometer, the stock market.

Speaking on “Hannity”, Trump had the following to say on why the World Health…

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