“Tron Is Better Than Ethereum!” A Bitcoin Game

"Tron Is Better Than Ethereum!" A Bitcoin Game 101
Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum, and Justin Sun, Founder of Tron. Source: Twitter

Tron (TRX) is a superior platform to Ethereum (ETH), claim multiple Bitcoin (BTC) people.

For several weeks now, certain Bitcoiners have been trolling the Ethereum camp, claiming that Justin Sun and his Tron are coming to take its throne as the platform of choice for blockchain-based apps and development. It might be not surprising, as Ethereans are intensifying their efforts to push the “ether is money” narrative, thus increasing competition with Bitcoin.

However, the provocations raise a serious question: just how well does Tron compare to Ethereum, objectively? Well, according to a number of industry observers, Tron is a better platform in technical terms, although it isn’t as decentralized and doesn’t have as healthy a community of developers.

Technical infighting vs strongman

For the sake of context, the whole Tron vs Ethereum debate was kicked off by a viral tweet from Opendime and ColdCard founder Rodolfo Novak (aka @NVK), who posted a picture of himself with Tron founder Justin Sun and Blockstream’s CEO Adam Back.

Bitcoin supporters were quick to jump on the bandwagon following this tweet. For example, here’s Blockstream CSO Samson Mow claim Tron all-round trounces Ethereum as a platform:

Needless to say, many such tweets come from people who, like Blockstream’s Samson Mow and Adam Back, may have an interest in promoting Tron over Ethereum.

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Still, some independent industry observers do agree that, at least in technical terms, Tron is more advanced than Ethereum. Glen Goodman, a cryptoasset analyst and the author of The Crypto Trader, points out that it can currently operate at greater scale than Ethereum.


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