Tron CEO Justin Sun Trolls Ethereum Over Network Speed

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON network today trolled Ethereum over the ongoing network slow-down issue while quietly promoting his project, TRON network.

Sun Invites USDT Users from ETH to TRON Network

Ethereum has been in the news headlines for some time now due to its network congestion problem. However, the team behind Ethereum is currently working to improve network performance and reduce the transaction fees. CEO of the rival platform TRON didn’t consume a second to make hay while the sun shines.

Accordingly, Sun took to Twitter and invited all USDT users to migrate to TRON to achieve better user experience and faster transaction speed. He tweeted;

Further Sun shared a list of exchanges that are already supporting TRC20 based USDT – and few of these exchanges are – OKEx, bithumb, KuCoin, BITFINEX, POLONIEX and unlike. While CEO Sun is promoting the TRC20 based USDT, the crypto community seems to react negatively.

Few users are bashing Sun for the declining value of TRX, BTT – whereas others calling out Sun to stop the comparison between the two assets. It’s worth reminding that the Sun and Vitalik (the co-founder of Ethereum) has long been the duo in the crypto industry, specifically in terms of a battle between two networks, ETH and TRON. Having said that, Sun’s comment on Ethereum isn’t the new either.

Looking at the value of both the tokens, Ethereum is currently surging by 4.98 percent within the past 24 Hrs whereas TRON is rising with 3.60 percent respectively. Capturing the second-largest spot, ETH is holding the market capitalization of…

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