Traders Would Rather Long Ethereum (ETH) Than Ripple (XRP)

It’s always a battle for dominance.
Bitcoin is the lead commanding 56.9 percent of the total market share while
Ethereum (ETH) follows closely at 10.9
percent as Ripple (XRP) trails with a share of 6.82 percent. Because of this,
it appears that crypto traders–were they to invest in any liquid altcoin,
would over and above everything settle for Ethereum (ETH) over Ripple (XRP).

Investors Prefer ETH over XRP

But there is nothing to take away from
Ripple. After a five-month lull, XRP is one of the top performing digital
assets in the top-10, competing with the likes of Ethereum and Stellar Lumens. Although
banks are yet to fully embrace Ripple’s xRapid, of the three key solutions
fronted by Ripple Inc, most financial institutions are choosing xCurrent which
has an option of allowing automatic upgrade to version—4, which is again
subject to a technical adjustment in the bank’s hardware. But even so, XRP is
striving and the recent decision of Coinbase pro to allow XRP trading in the
stringent state of New York is massive for the coin. Regardless, investors
still prefer Ethereum over XRP.

A poll conducted on Twitter by Blues,
a cryptocurrency trader, showed that people will settle for ETH over XRP as a
long-term investment asset. Blues tweeted that “If we were to enter an altcoin season, which coin would you long/buy

From 3,310 votes, ETH led the way
with 40 percent of the votes while XRP came at second place with 33 percent.
Meanwhile, BCH garnered only 4 percent while others took the remaining 23

For a while now, Ethereum continues to be the second most valuable coin behind Bitcoin. However, due to challenges facing the network such as scalability, its position is being challenged by the likes of XRP, EOS, and others.

Even so, it is what Ethereum represents,
the believe that investors and traders have on the…

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