TRADER Q&A: Arca’s Dorman Explains Digital Realm

Digital assets are the latest craze hitting Wall Street.

But what exactly are they? Aren’t they an offshoot of crypto? And how does one trade them and where?

Jeff Dorman, Arca

That’s something Jeff Dorman, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Arca specializes in. Dorman leads his firm’s investment committee and is responsible for portfolio sizing and risk management. A veteran with over 17 years of trading and asset management experience at leading firms including Merrill Lynch and Citadel Securities, has now turned his attention to this infant asset class.

According to Techopedia, a digital asset is any text or media that is formatted into a binary source and includes the right to use it; digital files that do not include this right are not considered digital assets. Digital assets are categorized into images and multimedia, called media assets, and textual content.

Traders Magazine editor John D’Antona Jr. recently caught up Dorman and discussed his firm, how he transferred his expertise to the digital domain and the state of the market.

Traders Magazine: Tell us about your firm and business model.

Jeff Dorman: Arca is a full-service investment management firm building and managing institutional-caliber digital assets products. Our vision is to become the “BlackRock of Digital Assets” that aims to offer a full investment product suite enabling any investor to find the right product(s) to gain exposure to digital assets. Arca is working towards this through two divisions: An Asset Management arm where we invest in crypto as an asset class on behalf of our GP and LPs via a variety of different strategies; and a Product Innovation arm where we leverage blockchain technology as a wrapper to create new investment products (owning debt, equities and/or hard assets via tokens).

All of Arca’s products meet the highest regulatory standards globally set by the SEC and have institutional-caliber operations including…

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