Trader: Impatient XRP Investors to Miss Out on Price Rally

XRP hasn’t been doing too hot over the past few months. In fact, as Ethereum World News found in a recent report, quarter three saw the top cryptocurrency fall from $0.40 to $0.25 from the start of July to the end of September. This represents a 35% drop against the U.S. dollar over the course of three months. (Below chart courtesy of The Next Web)

Things are still harrowing, with the popular altcoin slowly bleeding out against the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in the wake of Ripple Labs’ Swell industry conference held in Singapore earlier this month.

Though, a top analyst recently came out to remind traders of XRP that this price action (or lack thereof, rather) is par for the course, and that a strong surge higher may come with time, as long as investors keep their patience.

Popular trader and long-term XRP bull Credible Crypto posted the tweet thread below last week, reminding his followers that “those getting impatient about the XRP price are missing the big picture, “and will miss out on the gains that are sure to come.” Elaborating on why this is, he noted that “XRP only started running nearly 2 years after the BTC bear market low was put in in 14-15 and that too, only after $BTC broke prior ATH.”

What he’s saying is that XRP is an impulsive crypto asset that moves with immense volatility, making the recent price drop not harrowing from his point of view.

(Disclaimer: there is no guarantee, nothing even close to a guarantee, that XRP will embark on its same price path as it did in 2017. The cryptocurrency could easily fall further or embark on a…

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