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Established in 2018, Hoard NFT Exchange is an early mover in the NFT space. It first focused on building a blockchain-powered platform where community members can contribute to its development and governance using the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model

As a primary blockchain project offering players True Ownership, and also implementing Ethereum and Plasma, Hoard NFT Exchange has become a popular option for trading NFTs.

From this beginning step until now, the exchange has witnessed quite strong growth. The team has completed Software Development Kit – a game-integrated tool and released its native token.

Designed for the gaming industry that enables the exchange of value between games, the gaming community, and game developers, Hoard aims to improve the purpose and utility of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through a series of interesting and smart applications.

The team also shows a strong interest in the traditional gaming industry but it is not an immediate focus. Plasma is used due to the high number of users on the platform, which is a sign of how successful the exchange has become.

Hoard NFT Exchange Delivers Scarce Items to the Masses

With the advent of blockchain, a scarcity in the digital world was created and it connected part of the real world with the virtual world.

The crypto craze set the stage for NFT to become the latest investment trend. The increased growth of the blockchain community also makes investors, even media or those interested, unable to stay out of the NFT attraction.

NFTs are one of the key foundations of the new digital economy, which is powered by blockchain. These tokens have been tested in many areas such as gaming, digital identity, licensing, certification and fine arts.

Holders can even split and own proportionally high-value items with this technology.

Many NFT protocols have blown the blockchain community away with their innovative ideas. Hoard NFT Exchange is the latest project that got in the NFT space early, and is…

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