Top cryptocurrencies to invest in this February

Bears finally seem to be losing ground, and the mood among crypto experts is optimistic. But even during an uptrend, some coins will gain while others will lose. Which are the top cryptocurrencies in which to invest in February 2020?


Whenever someone asks what crypto to invest in, Bitcoin is always the obvious answer. There are many interesting alts out there, but BTC should still be your primary target. Even though it seems like we’ve passed the bottom, but there’s still ample room for growth from $8,100.

Most experts predict strong growth for Bitcoin in 2020. This is partly due to the upcoming halving in May. However, if investing in BTC in February 2020, one should bear in mind that the halving will only be fully priced in a few months after the event. So the overall investment horizon should be at least seven to eight months.

Growing international tensions will also likely push the price of BTC up. Trade wars; Brexit; the stock market bubble; and crises in Iran, Libya, and Iraq will all add to geopolitical instability.

In this context, many investors will look to assets whose price doesn’t depend on politics. The main among these is, of course, gold, followed by other rare metals, such as lithium, palladium, and platinum. But Bitcoin also has its place on this list. Those investors who are willing to take risks for maximising profits will likely include BTC on their portfolios in 2020, even if they didn’t before. This will increase the demand and drive the price upwards – perhaps even to $15,000.

Binance Coin (BNB)

top crypto coins to invest

Native exchange tokens are likely to have a strong year – especially BNB. The original native token grew by 150 per cent in 2019 – even more than Bitcoin. The key to its success is that Binance integrates its coin into all the processes on the exchange – a bit like Amazon integrates Alexa into all of its devices.

One of the reasons why BNB is almost guaranteed to grow higher in 2020 is the burn policy. By the end of 2019, the…

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