Top Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow for DeFi in 2020

For those actively involved in the wider DeFi landscape, it’s common knowledge that almost all community discourse happens on Twitter.

With most of the top lists for Crypto Twitter (CT) mentioning figureheads like CZ, Pomp and Vitalik we wanted to shine a spotlight on the people sharing emerging DeFi trends each and every week.

Please note that there are many other accounts that deserve a spotlight, and that we will likely do a follow up to this list in the latter half of the year.

Over 10,000 Followers

First, let’s start with some of the more well-known community members in DeFi and Ethereum at large.

Spencer Noon (@spencernoon)

  • Head of crypto investments at DTC Capital
  • Spencer writes a weekly newsletter, “Our Network”, that covers crypto and DeFi analytics & insights
  • Tweets about general DeFi and Ethereum projects, both from an investment and hobbyist perspective

Anthony Sassano & Eric Conner (@sassal0x & @econoar)

  • Co-founders of & co-hosts of the “Into the Ether” podcast
  • Anthony is the Director of Marketing at Set Protocol, and Eric works at Gnosis
  • Both Anthony & Eric are DeFi enthusiasts, and are must follows to stay on top of things happening in the Ethereum ecosystem

Evan Van Ness (@evan_van_ness)

  • Founder of “Week in Ethereum News”
  • Evan Van Ness has been writing about the Ethereum ecosystem since 2016
  • Evan does a great job at summarizing important events (including a DeFi) in the ecosystem in easy to read snippets in both his newsletter and Twitter

Ryan Sean Adams (@RyanSAdams)

  • Founder of Mythos Capital & Bankless Newsletter
  • Ryan has a heavy interest into Ethereum and going “bankless”, which he often talks about in his newsletter
  • Ryan doesn’t hold back on what could be possible with Ethereum, and does a great job at exploring its future in writing
  • Often talks about ETH’s value as a monetary asset, and why it makes for perfectly sound money

Camila Russo (@CamiRusso)

  • “Chiefess” at The Defiant
  • Camila previously covered the finance sector at…

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