Top Crypto Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season

The cryptoeconomy has turned bullish again for the first time in years, and that warming has come just in time for the 2020 holiday shopping season to arrive in full force.

As such, crypto-centric gifts are sure to be in demand this year. If that’s a route you’re interested in exploring for anyone, here’s a list of ideas for gifts that would make many crypto users smile.

Keeping It Simple? Try Crypto Socks

Know your friend is into crypto, but that’s about it?

Some crypto-themed socks would surely be a hit, and their small size makes them ideal “stocking stuffers.” Be sure to check out crypto merch brand Kryptoez if you need a place to get started.

Image via Kryptoez

Top Crypto Books

If you have a cryptocurrency aficionado in your life, chances are they’re hooked on learning more about crypto. I’d recommend the following books for any Bitcoin and Ethereum fans.



Can’t Go Wrong With Hardware Wallets

It’s a recurring thing every holiday season now, but it’s still the truth that hardware wallets are one of the best gifts for the cryptocurrency users in your life. That’s because it’s the safest way for regular users to protect their holdings.

It’s always nice to have backup hardware wallets, too, so you can’t even go wrong if your intended recipient already has one such device. Some popular models to consider include:




An Axie Infinity Starter Team

One of the fastest growing sectors atop Ethereum this year has been the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, which centers around blockchain-based art, gaming assets, virtual land, and more.

As for gaming, one of the early stars in Ethereum’s NFT gaming vertical has been Axie Infinity, which is not only popular in the NFT ecosystem but also one of Ethereum’s most-used dApps in general presently.

Accordingly, a neat crypto-themed gift idea suited for 2020 is gifting an Axie Infinity starter team, with the minimum requirement for such a team being 3 Axies.

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