Top Blockchain Games for 2020 »

Blockchain technology opens up a realm of new possibilities for game developers and gamers. Blockchain games look set to boom in 2020 as more projects emerge, launch and others progress to anticipated launch dates. The race is on for developers to create the first major blockchain game title – one that achieves mainstream use and perhaps even the popularity of Fortnite or Clash of Clans.

By using blockchain in their game builds, developers can factor in the technology behind cryptocurrencies in order to enable the tokenization of game items and assets as well the transfer and trading of these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens, or enabling digital currency transactions.

NFT and blockchain technology means that finally gamers will be able to own their game assets, take them outside of games, trade them or sell them or port them to their next new favourite game. The options at this stage are almost endless and they pave the wave for in-game micro economies and adding real world value and money earning potential to the gaming space.

Blockchain’s immutable and decentralized ledgers can remove the need for third parties, increasing the connection between developers and gamers. And, blockchain’s records and transparency may add trust to the burgeoning esports scene and esports betting as it grows to rival traditional sports.

For game developers, NFTs and the use of digital currencies adds new revenue streams and novel news ways to monetize their projects, whilst also rewarding players.

Without further ado lets look at some of the most anticipated and top blockchain games for 2020, in no particular order.

2020 blockchain games to watch or play already


Epitomizing the gold rush, the Prospectors blockchain game was the first massively multiplayer game (MMO) on the EOS blockchain, and now on the WAX blockchain. It’s a real time economic strategy game and has a fully user enabled economy.

In the game, gold miners head north hunting for the shiny ore…

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