Top Blockchain Companies for Investors in 2020

Ten years ago, no one had heard of “blockchain”. Over the last five years, however, blockchain has been one of the biggest trends in tech.

Investors who believe in the future of blockchain may want to invest today.

Some of the world’s biggest companies have already invested in blockchain, and major companies like Airbnb and Netflix now accept crypto payments.

Blockchain is already a multi-billion dollar industry – but it could become even larger in the future.

Today, we’re listing the best blockchain stocks, including the top blockchain companies for investors in 2020.

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchain isn’t a single technology. Instead, blockchain is a broad term for a type of distributed ledger technology.

When we say “invest in blockchain”, it’s like saying “invest in internet”. People use blockchain in different ways, and you can invest in blockchain across multiple industries.

Some companies are using blockchain to revolutionize healthcare, for example, while others are using blockchain to improve logistics. Some are creating video games using blockchain, while others are launching advertising engines.

Some of the world’s smartest developers are building blockchain technology. The technology continues to improve. Some of these developers are sharing their technology with the world via open source projects. Other developers are working in-house at private corporations, seeking to give their corporation the edge in a competitive space. Teeka Tiwari, creator of the 5 coins to $5 Million newsletter, is also extremely bullish on blockchain stocks like ICE, Square and Nvidia.

As blockchain continues to grow and improve, it becomes more usable for different industries. Companies will use any technology to get ahead – and if blockchain can help them get an edge, then they’re going to use blockchain.

Here are some of the areas that blockchain is already…

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