Top Analyst Explains Why Ethereum Could Outperform Bitcoin This Cycle

Ethereum has strongly underperformed Bitcoin over the past two weeks. As BTC has shot around 20% higher in the past 10 days alone, ETH has gained approximately 8%.

This trend is not isolated: almost all leading altcoins are underperforming Bitcoin. The severity of BTC’s spike to the upside has compressed gains in altcoins as all focus and capital is focused on Bitcoin.

While some think this will be a fixture of this cycle, a prominent crypto-asset analyst recently made the case for why Ethereum may outperform Bitcoin all this cycle.

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How Ethereum Could Underperform BTC This Cycle

Qiao Wang, a prominent crypto-asset analyst, recently explained why there may be some credence to the sentiment that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin this cycle:

“The pro-BTC argument goes: it took years for institutions to finally get onboard with the “digital gold” narrative. There’s no way they’ll get comfortable with ETH in this cycle. What this argument misses is that there’s also a significant % of the population who don’t get the “digital gold” narrative, but are more comfortable with the “tech platform” narrative that ETH represents.”

He elaborated that from the standpoint of technology investors, Ethereum remains the best “index” bet in the cryptocurrency space. On the other hand, Bitcoin may be seen as a myopic bet on a digital store of value.

Wang did note, though, that he remains more bullish on Bitcoin. He is seemingly assigning a slightly higher probability to the scenario where BTC outperforms ETH this cycle than the other way around.

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