Top 6 shares to invest in this December

With the holiday season drawing near, it’s time to reevaluate your stock portfolio – and possibly add some new assets. The markets have demonstrated extremely strong performance in both October and November, with the key indices at their historic highs. Yet, with the ongoing uncertainty of the US-China trade talks, many investors are hesitant to buy stocks. For those of you who are willing to take a little risk, now could be a fantastic moment to invest. Want to know what shares to invest in now? Read our list to find out.


The entertainment giant is investing heavily in its new streaming service, Disney Plus. Even though it means lower profits in the next few years, the market has reacted very positively to the news. Exclusive streaming of original Star Wars and Marvel shows can easily boost Disney Plus subscriber numbers to tens of millions. Most experts agree: DIS is a buy.


Advanced Micro Devices is a logical candidate for the list of the best shares to invest in this December. First of all, its stock price has more than doubled in 2019. Second, its Radeon graphic cards and Ryzen processors are selling really well. In October, the company reported its highest revenue since 2005. There’s one more reason: with a resurgence of the crypto market projected for the first half of 2020, the demand for GPUs for Ethereum mining could rise dramatically.

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ETSY took a huge hit in October after publishing rather sad preliminary numbers for Q4. The current dip is a great moment to buy. Though the market for creative goods marketplaces isn’t big, Etsy easily dominates it. It’s not going anywhere, either. The company’s operational costs aren’t very high, and it’s not making any risky technological investments. If you are willing to wait a few years, the return could be high.

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The reason why AAPL has made our list of the best stocks to invest in now isn’t its smartphones. iPhone sales are going down, but most of Apple’s…

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