Top 5 Crypto Airdrops for May 2021

Airdrops are an interesting occurrence in the cryptocurrency world. It serves as an excellent way to educate newcomers about cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it is a viable way for existing users to diversify their portfolios in a risk-free manner.

Why Airdrops Remain Popular

Contrary to traditional ways of getting involved with cryptocurrencies, airdrops are a different creature. These are issuances of “free tokens or coins”  for which users do not need to make any investment. Instead, interested parties will need to complete a few tasks involving social media platforms and tools like Telegram. Spreading the word about the ongoing airdrop and the project itself can create a wave of marketing attention.

For the projects going down this route, there is no initial cost for an airdrop. The developers issue a certain percentage of the token supply for airdrop purposes. In most cases, this part of the supply is already set aside weeks, if not months, in advance. The system works well for all parties involved, and airdrops remain very popular even in 2021.

As a diversification method, airdrops can prove interesting as well. Having multiple tokens and coins in one’s portfolio is never a bad idea. That concept applies as much to cryptocurrencies as it does to other financial assets. As these airdrop tokens and coins are available without upfront investment, there is no reason to pass up on these opportunities. Below are some examples of airdrops to look forward to later this year.

DePo (10,000 members)

The DePo institutional-grade trading terminal effectively aggregates all the platforms making up the cryptocurrency industry into one multi-market aggregator. Users will have an option to store and manage assets without worrying about a KYC verification procedure. The main focus lies with ERC20-compatible wallets, DeFi lending protocols, NFT marketplaces, centralized exchanges, and decentralized trading platforms for aggregating data.

The DePo airdrop will happen…

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