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Say what you want about Cryptocurrencies but Blockchain/Distributed Ledger technology is here to stay for good. So if you’re looking to get into the industry here is a list of websites where you can find blockchain gigs in 2019.

CryptoTicker Germany

CryptoTicker Germany has a portal of several crypto-related jobs in and around Germany. This comprehensive list is actively updated every day and should be on your radar if you are hunting for crypto jobs.

Paranoid Internet Germany

Paranoid Internet Germany is a young startup scaling rapidly. Please apply with your CV and a short intro to and here is a list of all the jobs available.


If you have a good understanding of crypto and blockchain technology, there are listings for content writers and marketers or skills in either front or back-end development, Crypto jobs have around 1,500 active job listings for you almost all the time. Not just that most of the positions are remote meaning you can work from anywhere you want.

2. Blockew

Blockew is a job board that lets candidates post their resumes/portfolios. You can either wait to be found based on your resume or you can browse the active job listings and send your resumes directly. Positions are offered all worldwide and most of them are remote listings.


Block Ace is another job board like Blockew. However, you can see the clients like IBM and Ethereum posting positions there in areas ranging from social media marketing to full-stack development and other tech jobs.

4. Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit has listings from clients all over the world sorted by categories. The categories include both programming and finance/marketing gigs.


The job titles available on Cryptojobslist include blockchain developers, marketers, interns, analysts and more. Listings can be sorted by both job title and location.

6. Blocktribe

Blocktribe specializes in blockchain design and development. So if you specialize in blockchain technology this might be a good place for you.

7. Blockchain Headhunter

It contains Blockchain gigs in the fields of finance, health care, government, travel, logistics, etc. Mainly aimed at Blockchain experts.


Ethlance is for developers who are skilled in Ether currency/Ethereum blockchain who don’t mind getting paid in crypto. The only additional fee is Ethereum gas fees that are associated with the transactions.

9. Satoshi Careers

Satoshi Careers crawls several websites curating blockchain jobs from all around the web in one place.

10. is a popular startup community and a job board. They also let you have your privacy to ensure your current employer cannot see you applying for a new gig. A very good place to find remote gigs.

11. Blockchain Job Board

A job board featuring positions in the crypto industry in a wide range of sectors. Company names are not mentioned unless requested, but all the listings appear to be well-vetted.

12. Remote OK

A very popular website targetted at remote freelancers containing listings in all tech sectors including Blockchain.

13. LinkedIn Jobs 

This is a no brainer. LinkedIn is the best place to find work from the best companies regardless of what industry you plan on working.

14. Hyper Ledger Jobs 

Hyper Ledger Jobs contains Job listings for developers and architects, constantly updated and well-vetted.

15. DCG

DCG is the self-proclaimed ‘epicenter of the blockchain and bitcoin industry’. Lots of Blockchain developer gigs available for developers to choose from.

16. Blockchain Dev Jobs

This site is dedicated purely to blockchain developers and engineers. Candidates can view job listings as well as sign up for job alerts related to their skill areas. The listings can be full and part-time or contract gigs.

17. Bitcoin Jobs – a popular crypto publisher and has a wide range of job listings for engineers, developers, product managers, and marketers. However, Most jobs are in-house and the countries are included along with the listings for easy candidate screening. There is also a coding test to improve your chances of finding a gig.

18. Cryptocurrency Jobs

If you are a web developer then there is a huge list of job opportunities for you on this website. You can sign up for job alerts in your niche or look for gigs yourself. The listings are well defined along with the required candidate qualifications and preferred location.

19. Crypto Careers

Just like the ones mentioned above Crypto Careers offer a lot of listings and if you are looking for a position with an established enterprise, this job site is a good place to start.

20. Jobs in Crypto

This is another job board for crypto jobs, however, they are not publishing a lot of gigs at the moment. But it’s still a good website to keep track of.

The blockchain industry is super short of skilled developers so if you plan on getting into it this, this is definitely the right time and these job sites are everything you’ll ever need to land your first job.

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