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In April, Smartlands will launch an alternative investment platform for buying and selling tokenized shares of real-world assets. The platform, built on the Stellar open-source network, will first focus on issuing security tokens that represent a suite of high-yield real estate listings based in Ukraine.

Smartlands’ New Platform Is Revolutionizing the Real Economy in Eastern Europe

How could blockchain technology revolutionize the real economy?

One of the most exciting answers lies in unlocking liquidity. Consider this: The estimated value of tokenizable real estate worldwide is more than $270 trillion, while other real-world assets — like businesses, debt and agricultural holdings — put the total much higher.

But the legacy financial system poses problems.

Due to regulatory and technological barriers, it’s been difficult for owners of real assets to take advantage of their free equity for other opportunities. Meanwhile, the majority of investors have missed out on the benefits of investing in the real economy, such as protecting their capital from inflation.

Smartlands bridges this gap. By using blockchain technology to unlock liquidity in traditionally illiquid assets, Smartlands enables investors and asset owners to access the massive value that’s trapped in the real economy.

The team’s first major accomplishment came in 2019 with a pilot Security Token Offering (STO) for a student accommodation block in Nottingham, U.K. Smartlands raised enough capital from private investors to buy 30% of Winrise One Limited, the company that owns the property, while the remaining 70% was held by the original developer.

The pilot project was a success — it not only served as a proof of concept for the Smartlands Platform, but also made history by becoming the first tokenized property in the U.K.

Now, Smartlands is taking its next major step toward tokenizing the real economy.

Smartlands Platform Launch

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