to Facilitate Mining Bitcoin for Everyone

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2019 / as a brand new B-FinTech distributed cloud hashrate sharing platform, it sets up an antenna all over the world with the concept of creating a safe environment for BTC miners.

Bitcoin, the key to cryptocurrency world, has gradually caught more attention and recognition. Regular accessing to Bitcoin generally has two ways, buying coins and mining. While regarding the risk of buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining become a popular alternative.

However, conventional model of ‘purchasing miners and hosting’ requires highly configured hardware and professional maintenance, which is costly. Although ‘cloud mining’ solved the high initial input issue for individuals, it still encounters the concern of security and asset liquidity. a next-generation type of Bitcoin mining

Luckily, as a brand new B-FinTech distributed cloud hashrate sharing platform, brings out its innovative pattern of ‘hashrate tokenized mining’.

Based on cloud mining, but far more than that. With hashrate tokenized mining model, besides gaining revenue of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) through mining, it also digitalized its own assets and solves the liquidity of hashrate assets in the secondary market, facilitating users to obtain higher returns with minimal input. undertakes all cost and risk for miners, no need to worry about Bitcoin massive costs, including mining rigs, energy bill and other operating expense etc., miners at will get net Bitcoin earnings, even more earnings from mining both BTC and BHP, through various methods to diversity miners income.

Four edges make outstanding from the crowd is competitive among mass mining. First, distributed hashrate pool guarantees transparent and decentralized reliable hashrate. Second, shared autonomous operation creates a win-win ecological community. Third, Ultimately gathers a large amount of users’ hashrate to form super hashrate through…

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